Logical Domains 1.3 Release Notes

Migration Can Fail to Bind Memory Even If the Target Has Enough Available

Bug ID 6772089: In certain situations, a migration fails and ldmd reports that it was not possible to bind the memory needed for the source domain. This can occur even if the total amount of available memory on the target machine is greater than the amount of memory being used by the source domain.

This failure occurs because migrating the specific memory ranges in use by the source domain requires that compatible memory ranges are available on the target, as well. When no such compatible memory range is found for any memory range in the source, the migration cannot proceed.

Recovery: If this condition is encountered, you might be able to migrate the domain if you modify the memory usage on the target machine. To do this, unbind any bound or active logical domain on the target.

Use the ldm list-devices -a mem command to see what memory is available and how it is used. You might also need to reduce the amount of memory that is assigned to another domain.