Logical Domains 1.3 Release Notes

Confusing Migration Failure Message for Real Address Memory Bind Failures

Bug ID 6904240: In certain situations, a migration fails with the following error message, and ldmd reports that it was not possible to bind the memory needed for the source domain. This situation can occur even if the total amount of available memory on the target machine is greater than the amount of memory being used by the source domain (as shown by ldm ls-devices -a mem).

Unable to bind 29952M memory region at real address 0x8000000
Domain Migration of LDom ldg0 failed

Cause: This failure is due the inability to meet congruence requirements between the Real Address (RA) and the Physical Address (PA) on the target machine.

Workaround: Stop the domain and perform the migration as a cold migration. You can also reduce the size of the memory on the guest domain by 128 Mbytes, which might permit the migration to proceed while the domain is running.