Logical Domains 1.3 Release Notes

Newly Added NIU/XAUI Adapters Are Not Visible to Host OS If Logical Domains Is Configured

Bug ID 6829016: When Logical Domains is configured on a system and you add another XAUI network card, the card is not visible after the machine is powercycled.

Recovery: To make the newly added XAUI visible in the control domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Set and clear a dummy variable in the control domain.

    The following commands use a dummy variable called fix-xaui:

    # ldm set-var fix-xaui=yes primary
    # ldm rm-var fix-xaui primary
  2. Save the modified configuration to the SP, replacing the current configuration.

    The following commands use a configuration name of config1:

    # ldm rm-spconfig config1
    # ldm add-spconfig config1
  3. Perform a reconfiguration reboot of the control domain.

    # reboot -- -r

    At this time, you can configure the newly available network or networks for use by Logical Domains.