Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Disk (disk) Resource

Example 12–12 Example disk XML

  <Content xsi:type="ovf:VirtualSystem_Type" id="ldg1">
    <Section xsi:type="ovf:VirtualHardwareSection_Type">
        <gprop:GenericProperty key="vdisk_name">vdisk0</gprop:GenericProperty>
        <gprop:GenericProperty key="vol_name">vdsdev0</gprop:GenericProperty>
        <gprop:GenericProperty key="timeout">60</gprop:GenericProperty>

A disk resource is always contained within a <Content> section. It must have <gprop:GenericProperty> tags with the following keys:

Optionally, the disk resource can also have the timeout property, which is the timeout value in seconds for establishing a connection between a virtual disk client (vdc) and a virtual disk server (vds). If there are multiple virtual disk (vdisk) paths, then the vdc can try to connect to a different vds, and the timeout ensures that a connection to any vds is established within the specified amount of time.