Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureGenerate a Subset of a Long List (-o format)

  1. Generate output as a subset of resources by entering one or more of the following format options. If you specify more than one format, delimit the items by a comma with no spaces.

    primary# ldm list -o resource[,resource...] ldom
    • console Output contains virtual console (vcons) and virtual console concentrator (vcc) service

    • cpu Output contains virtual CPU (vcpu) and physical CPU (pcpu)

    • crypto Cryptographic unit output contains Modular Arithmetic Unit (mau) and any other LDoms-supported cryptographic unit, such as the Control Word Queue (CWQ)

    • disk Output contains virtual disk (vdisk) and virtual disk server (vds)

    • domain Output contains variables (var), host ID (hostid), domain state, flags, and software state

    • memory Output contains memory

    • network Output contains media access control (mac) address , virtual network switch (vsw), and virtual network (vnet) device

    • physio Physical input/output contains peripheral component interconnect (pci) and network interface unit (niu)

    • resmgmt Output contains dynamic resource management (DRM) policy information.

    • serial Output contains virtual logical domain channel (vldc) service, virtual logical domain channel client (vldcc), virtual data plane channel client (vdpcc), virtual data plane channel service (vdpcs)

    • stats Output contains statistics that are related to resource management policies.

    • status Output contains status about a domain migration in progress.

    The following examples show various subsets of output that you can specify:

    • List CPU information for the control domain

      # ldm list -o cpu primary
    • List domain information for a guest domain

      # ldm list -o domain ldm2
    • List memory and network information for a guest domain

      # ldm list -o network,memory ldm1
    • List DRM policy information for a guest domain

      # ldm list -o resmgmt,stats ldm1