Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureInstall a Guest Domain When the Install Server Is in a VLAN

Be careful when installing a guest domain over the network (JumpStart) and the installation server is in a VLAN. Specify the VLAN ID that is associated with the installation server as the PVID of the virtual network device, and do not configure any tagged VLANs (vid) for that virtual network device. You must do this because OBP is not aware of VLANs and cannot handle VLAN-tagged network packets. The virtual switch handles the untagging and tagging of packets to and from the guest domain during network installation. After the network installation completes and the Solaris OS boots, you can configure the virtual network device to be tagged in that VLAN. You can then add the virtual network device to additional VLANs in tagged mode.

For information about using JumpStart to install a guest domain, see Jump-Start a Guest Domain.

  1. Initially configure the network device in untagged mode.

    For example, if the install server is in VLAN 21, configure the virtual network initially as follows:

    primary# ldm add-vnet pvid=21 vnet01 primary-vsw0 ldom1
  2. After the installation is complete and the Solaris OS boots, configure the virtual network in tagged mode.

    primary# ldm set-vnet pvid= vid=21, 22, 23 vnet01 primary-vsw0 ldom1