Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

The <LDM_event> Messages

Event messages have the same format as an incoming <LDM_interface> message with the exception that the start tag for the message is <LDM_event>. The action tag of the message is the action that was performed to trigger the event. The data section of the message describes the object associated with the event; the details depend on the type of event that occurred.

Example 12–5 Example <LDM_event> Notification

<LDM_event version='1.0'>
    <action>Event command here</action>
    <data version='3.0'>
        <Content xsi:type='ovf:VirtualSystem_Type' ovf:id='ldg1'/>
          <Section xsi:type="ovf:ResourceAllocationSection_type"> 
              <rasd:OtherResourceType>LDom Resource Type</rasd:OtherResourceType>
              key="Property name">Property Value</gprop:GenericProperty>