Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Memory Mapping

The domain and the real memory address within the domain, which correspond to a given physical memory address (PA), can be determined as follows.

ProcedureDetermine the Real Memory Address

  1. Generate a long parseable list for all domains.

    primary# ldm list -l -p
  2. Look for the line in the list's MEMORY sections where the PA falls within the inclusive range pa to (pa + size - 1); that is, pa <= PA < (pa + size - 1).

    Here pa and size refer to the values in the corresponding fields of the line.

    • If you find such an entry, the PA is in the domain the entry is listed under and the corresponding real address within the domain is given by ra + (PA - pa).

    • If you do not find such an entry, the PA is not in any domain.