Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Operating the Solaris OS With Logical Domains

This section describes the changes in behavior in using the Solaris OS that occur once a configuration created by the Logical Domains Manager is instantiated.

OpenBoot Firmware Not Available After Solaris OS Has Started

The OpenBoot firmware is not available after the Solaris OS has started because it is removed from memory.

To reach the ok prompt from the Solaris OS, you must halt the domain. You can use the Solaris OS halt command to halt the domain.

Powercycling a Server

Whenever performing any maintenance on a system running LDoms software that requires powercycling the server, you must save your current logical domain configurations to the SP first.

ProcedureSave Your Current Logical Domain Configurations to the SP

  1. Use the following command.

    # ldm add-config config-name

Do Not Use the psradm(1M) Command on Active CPUs in a Power-Managed Domain

Do not attempt to change an active CPU's operational status in a power-managed domain by using the psradm(1M) command.

Result of Solaris OS Breaks

    The behavior described in this section is seen when you do the following:

  1. Press the L1-A key sequence when the input device is set to keyboard.

  2. Enter the send break command when the virtual console is at the telnet prompt.

After these types of breaks, you receive the following prompt:

c)ontinue, s)ync, r)eset, h)alt?

Type the letter that represents what you want the system to do after these types of breaks.

Results From Halting or Rebooting the Control Domain

The following table shows the expected behavior of halting or rebooting the control (primary) domain.

Table 11–1 Expected Behavior of Halting or Rebooting the Control (primary) Domain


Other Domain Configured? 



Not Configured 

Host powered off and stays off until powered on at the SP. 



Soft resets and boots up if the variable auto-boot?=true. Soft resets and halts at ok prompt if the variable auto-boot?=false.


Not Configured 

Reboots the host, no power off. 



Reboots the host, no power off. 

shutdown -i 5

Not Configured 

Host powered off, stays off until powered on at the SP. 



Soft resets and reboots.