Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Physical Input/Output (physio_device) Section

This section describes the physical I/O buses that you want to remain in the primary domain.

Example 10–6 Physical I/O (physio_device) Section

<Section> xsi:type="ovf:VirtualHardwareSection_Type"
    <gprop:GenericProperty key="name">pci@7c0</gprop:GenericProperty>

To set your primary domain with the same I/O devices as previously configured, you first need to list the I/O devices that are configured on startup.

# ldm list -l primary
    DEVICE           PSEUDONYM        OPTIONS
    pci@7c0          bus_b
    pci@780          bus_a

In Example 10–6, the bus previously configured to remain in the primary domain was pci@7c0. If there are no other physio-device sections in the XML, the pci@780 bus must be removed.

This section is equivalent to the following CLI command:

# ldm remove-io pci@780 primary