Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Progress Events

Progress events are issued for long-running commands, such as a domain migration. These events report the amount of progress that has been made during the life of the command. At this time, only the migration-process event is reported.

Progress events always contain only a <Section> tag in the OVF data section that describes the SP configuration affected by the event. To register for these events, send an <LDM_interface> message with the <action> tag set to reg-hardware-events. Unregistering for these events requires an <LDM_interface> message with the <action> tag set to unreg-hardware-events.

The <data> section of a progress event consists of a <content> section that describes the affected domain. This <content> section uses an ldom_info <Section> tag to update progress. The following generic properties are shown in the ldom_info section: