Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureRemove All Guest Logical Domains

  1. List all the logical domain configurations that are stored on the service processor.

    primary# ldm list-config
  2. Remove all configurations (config-name) previously saved to the service processor (SP) except for the factory-default configuration.

    Use the following command for each such configuration.

    primary# ldm rm-config config-name

    After you remove all the configurations previously saved to the SP, the factory-default domain would be the next one to use when the control domain (primary) is rebooted.

  3. Stop all domains by using the -a option.

    primary# ldm stop-domain -a
  4. Unbind all domains except for the primary domain.

    primary# ldm unbind-domain ldom

    Note –

    You might not be able to unbind an I/O domain in a split-PCI configuration if it is providing services required by the control domain. In this situation, skip this step.