Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureSave and Restore Autosave Directories

This procedure shows how to save and restore the autosave directories.

  1. Save the autosave directories.

    # cd /
    # tar -cvf autosave.tar var/opt/SUNWldm/autosave-*
  2. (Optional) Remove the existing autosave directories to ensure a clean restore operation.

    Sometimes an autosave directory might include extraneous files, perhaps left over from a previous configuration, that might corrupt the configuration that was downloaded to the SP. In such cases, clean the autosave directory prior to the restore operation as shown in this example:

    # cd /
    # rm -rf var/opt/SUNWldm/autosave-*
  3. Restore the autosave directories.

    These commands restore the files and directories in the /var/opt/SUNWldm directory.

    # cd /
    # tar -xvf autosave.tar