Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureUpgrade System Firmware

You can find system firmware for your platform at the SunSolve site.

Refer to Required System Firmware Patches in Logical Domains 1.3 Release Notes for required system firmware by supported servers.

This procedure describes how to upgrade system firmware using the flashupdate command on your service processor.

Refer to the administration guides or product notes for the supported servers for more information about installing and updating system firmware for these servers.

  1. Shut down and power off the host server from either management port connected to the service processor: serial or network.

    # shutdown -i5 -g0 -y
  2. Use the flashupdate command to upgrade the system firmware, depending on your server.

    Refer to your platform documentation for information about how to update your firmware.

    The following shows a sample flashupdate command:

    sc> flashupdate -s IP-address -f path/Sun_System_Firmware-
    username: your-userid
    password: your-password


    • IP-address is the IP address of your FTP server.

    • path is the location in SunSolvesm or your own directory where you can obtain the system firmware image.

    • x_x_x is the version number of the System Firmware.

    • nn is the number of the build that applies to this release.

    • server-name is the name of your server. For example, the server-name for the SPARC® Enterprise T5440 server is SPARC_Enterprise_T5440.

  3. Reset the service processor.

    sc> resetsc -y
  4. Power on and boot the host server.

    sc> poweron -c
    ok boot disk