Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Using Network Adapters With LDoms

In a logical domains environment, the virtual switch service running in a service domain can directly interact with GLDv3-compliant network adapters. Though non-GLDv3 compliant network adapters can be used in these systems, the virtual switch cannot interface with them directly. See Configuring Virtual Switch and Service Domain for NAT and Routing for information about how to use non-GLDv3 compliant network adapters.

For information about using link aggregations, see Using Link Aggregation With a Virtual Switch.

ProcedureDetermine If a Network Adapter Is GLDv3-Compliant

  1. Use the Solaris OS dladm(1M) command, where, for example, bge0 is the network device name.

    # dladm show-link bge0
    bge0            type: non-vlan   mtu: 1500      device: bge0
  2. Look at type: in the output:

    • GLDv3-compliant drivers will have a type of non-vlan or vlan.

    • Non-GLDv3-compliant drivers will have a type of legacy.