Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Virtual Console Concentrator (vcc) Resource

Example 12–15 Example vcc XML

  <Content xsi:type="ovf:VirtualSystem_Type" id="ldg1">
    <Section xsi:type="ovf:VirtualHardwareSection_Type">
        <gprop:GenericProperty key="service_name">vcc1</gprop:GenericProperty>
        <gprop:GenericProperty key="min_port">6000</gprop:GenericProperty>
        <gprop:GenericProperty key="max_port">6100</gprop:GenericProperty>

A vcc resource can be either in a <Content> section as part of a domain description, or it can appear on its own in an <Envelope> section. It can have <gprop:GenericProperty> tags with the following keys: