Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Virtual Console Concentrator (vcc) Section

This section describes any virtual console concentrator (vcc) allocated to the primary domain.

<Section xsi:type="ovf:VirtualHardwareSection_Type">
    <gprop:GenericProperty key="service_name">primary-vcc0</gprop:GenericProperty>
    <gprop:GenericProperty key="min_port">5000</gprop:GenericProperty>
    <gprop:GenericProperty key="max_port">6000</gprop:GenericProperty>

Where the XML key property service_name is the name of the vcc service; in this case, primary-vcc0.

This section is the equivalent of the following CLI command:

# ldm add-vcc port-range=5000-6000 primary-vcc0 primary