Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

Creating a Node Agent

To create a node agent, run the asadmin command create-node-agent locally on the machine on which the node agent runs.

The default name for a node agent is the host name on which the node agent is created.

If you’ve already created a node agent placeholder, use the same name as the node agent placeholder to create the associated node agent. If you have not created a node agent placeholder, and the DAS is up and reachable, the create-node-agent command also creates a node agent configuration (placeholder) on the DAS.

For a complete description of the command syntax, see the online help for the command.

Example 7–1 Example of Creating a Node Agent

The following command creates a node agent:

asadmin create-node-agent --host myhost --port 4849 ---user admin nodeagent1

where myhost is the Domain Administration Server (DAS) hostname, 4849 is the DAS port number, admin is your DAS user, and nodeagent1 is the name of the node agent being created.

Note –

In the following situations, you must specify a DNS-reachable hostname:

Specify a DNS-reachable hostname by explicitly specifying the host name for the domain and the node agent when you create them:

create-domain --domainproperties domain.hostName=DAS-host-name
create-node-agent --hostDAS-host-name
--agentproperties remoteclientaddress=node-agent-host-name

Another solution is to update the hosts hostname/IP resolution file specific to the platform so the hostname resolves to the correct IP address. However, when reconnecting using DHCP you might get assigned a different IP address. In that case, you must update the host resolution files on each server.

For more information, see: