Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Developer's Guide

Sun Java System Application Server Descriptors

Sun Java System Application Server uses deployment descriptors in addition to the J2EE standard descriptors for configuring features specific to the Application Server. The sun-application.xml, sun-web.xml, and sun-cmp-mappings.xml files are optional; all the others are required.

Each deployment descriptor (or XML) file has a corresponding DTD file, which defines the elements, data, and attributes that the deployment descriptor file can contain. For example, the sun-application_1_4-0.dtd file defines the structure of the sun-application.xml file. The DTD files for the Application Server deployment descriptors are located in the install-dir/lib/dtds directory.

Note –

Do not edit the DTD files; their contents change only with new versions of the Application Server.

To check the correctness of these deployment descriptors prior to deployment, see The Deployment Descriptor Verifier.

For general information about DTD files and XML, see the XML specification at

The following table lists the Application Server deployment descriptors and their DTD files.

Table A–1 Sun Java System Application Server Descriptors

Deployment Descriptor  

DTD File  




Configures an entire J2EE application (EAR file). 



Configures a web application (WAR file). 



Configures an enterprise bean (EJB JAR file). 



Configures container-managed persistence for an enterprise bean. 



Configures an Application Client Container (ACC) client (JAR file). 



Configures the Application Client Container. 

Note –

The Application Server deployment descriptors must be readable and writable by the file owners.

In each deployment descriptor file, subelements must be defined in the order in which they are listed under each Subelements heading, unless otherwise noted.