Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Before You Start the Upgrade Process

If you have used the Java ES installer to install your version of Application Server 7, and if you have chosen the Configure Later option in the Java ES installer, you need to perform the steps in this section.

Note –

While upgrading Application Server using the postInstall script, you might receive some warning messages if Pointbase is not installed. These warning messages can be ignored.

  1. Locate the Accessory CD containing the Add-ons for your version of Application Server. Alternatively, you can download the contents of the CD from .

  2. Run the postInstall script as follows:


    For example, for the default installation, this command looks like this: ./postInstall /opt/SUNWappserver /var/opt/SUNWappserver

    For detailed instructions on how to run this script, refer to the Readme.txt file in the Addon folder in the accessory CD or in the location where you have extracted the Add-ons.

Note –

Before starting the upgrade process, make sure that both the source server (the server from which you are upgrading) and the target server (the server to which you are upgrading) are stopped.