Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Eliminating Port Conflict Problems

After upgrading the source server to AS 8.1 EE, start the domain. Start the node agent that, by default, starts the server instances. Start the Admin Console and verify that these servers are started. If any of the servers are not running, in the install_dir/nodeagents/node-agent-name/server_name/logs/server.log file, check for failures that are caused by port conflicts. If there any failures due to port conflicts, use the Admin Console and modify the port numbers so there are no more conflicts, then stop and restart the node agent and servers.

If an AS 7.1 EE source server with no clusters is being upgraded to AS 8.1 EE (only standalone instances are being upgraded), and if server1 in the AS 7.1 source server has a server instance listening on any of the default port of Application Server 8.1, a conflict occurs. If these conditions exist, start the Admin Console after the upgrade and change the port for the server-config’s listener to a non conflicting port number. If an AS 7.x SE source server is being upgraded to AS 8.1 EE, the upgrade process should automatically update the port for the <server-config>.

Note –

The default ports in Application Server 8.1 EE are: