Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Potential Migration Issues

While many of application design choices made are certainly debatable especially in the “real-world” context, care was taken to ensure that these choices enable the sample application to encompass as many potential issues as possible as one would face in the process of migrating a typical J2EE application.

This section will go through the potential issues that you might face when migrating a J2EE application, and the corresponding component of iBank that was included to check for this issue during the migration process.

With respect to the selected migration areas to address, this section specifically looks at the following technologies:


The iBank application includes a number of servlets, that enable us to detect potential issues with:

JavaServer Pages

With respect to the JSP specification, the following aspects have been addressed:


The iBank application accesses a database via a connection pool and the data source, both programmatically (BMP entity bean, BankTeller session bean, custom tag library) and declaratively (with the CMP entity beans).

Enterprise Java Beans

The iBank application uses a variety of Enterprise Java Beans.

Entity Beans

Bean-managed persistence (Customer bean): allows us to test the following:

Container-managed persistence (Account and Branch beans): allow us to test the following:

Session Beans

Stateless session beans: InterestCalculator allows us to test the following:

Stateful session beans: BankTeller allows us to test the following:

Application Assembly

The iBank application is assembled by following the J2EE standard procedures. It contains the following components: