Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Troubleshooting Guide

Failure in configure-ha-cluster


Creation of an HADB domain comprising some host names appears to succeed, and the listdomain command confirms it:

$hadbm listdomain -w admin
Hostname Enabled? Running? Release  Interfaces
host1 Yes      Yes      V4-4-1-3
host2 Yes      Yes      V4-4-1-3

The database is then created with the hadbm create command, and the appropriate host names including the full domain names are used as parameters for the --hosts option:

$ hadbm create,

The following error is then returned:

hadbm:Error 22176: The host is not registered in the
HADB management domain. Use hadbm createdomain to set up the management
domain or hadbm extenddomain to include new hosts in an existing domain.

Solution 1

Use the names that listdomain displays; for example:

hadbm create --hosts=host1,host2...


Use decimal IP addresses (DDN); for example:

hadbm create --hosts=,