SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

Process Audit Characteristics

The following audit characteristics are set at initial login:

Process Preselection Mask

When a user logs in, login combines the machine-wide audit flags from the audit_control file with the user-specific audit flags (if any) from the audit_user file, to establish the process preselection mask for the user's processes. The process preselection mask specifies whether events in each audit event class are to generate audit records.

The algorithm for obtaining the process preselection mask is as follows: the audit flags from the flags: line in the audit_control file are added to the flags from the always-audit field in the user's entry in the audit_user file. The flags from the never-audit field from the user's entry in the audit_user file are then subtracted from the total:

user's process preselection mask = (flags: line + always audit flags) - never audit flags

Audit ID

A process also acquires its audit ID when the user logs in, and this audit ID is inherited by all child processes started by the user's initial process. The audit ID helps enforce accountability. Even after a user becomes root, the audit ID remains the same. The audit ID that is saved in each audit record always allows the administrator to trace actions back to the original user who had logged in.

Audit Session ID

The audit session ID is assigned at login and inherited by all descendant processes.

Terminal ID

The terminal ID consists of the host name and the Internet address, followed by a unique number that identifies the physical device on which the user logged in. Most of the time the login is through the console and the number that corresponds to the console device is 0.