Writing Device Drivers


The device driver interface/driver-kernel interface (DDI/DKI) is a new name for the routines formerly called "kernel support routines" in the SunOS 4.1 Writing Device Drivers manual, and for the "well-known" entry points in the SunOS 4.1 cdevsw and bdevsw structures. The intent is to specify a set of interfaces for drivers that provide a binary and source code interface. If a driver uses only kernel routines and structures described in Section 9 of the Solaris 2.6 Reference Manual, it is called Solaris 7 DDI/DKI-compliant. A Solaris 7 DDI/DKI-compliant driver is likely to be binary compatible across Sun Solaris platforms with the same processor, and binary compatible with future releases of Solaris on platforms the driver works on.