Writing Device Drivers

Setting Up the Host System

To set up the host system, do the following:

  1. Connect the host system to the test machine using serial port A on both machines. This connection must be made with a null modem cable.

  2. On the host system, make an entry in /etc/remote for the connection if it is not already there (see remote(4)).

    The terminal entry must match the serial port being used. The Solaris 7 operating environment comes with the correct entry for serial port B, but a terminal entry must be added for serial port A:


    Note -

    The baud rate must be set to 9600.

  3. In a shell window on the host, run tip(1) and specify the name of the entry:

    test% tip debugconnected

    The shell window is now a tip window connected to the console of the test machine.

    Caution - Caution -

    Do not use L1-A (for SPARC machines) or Control-ALT-D (for x86 machines) on the host machine to send a break to stop the test machine. This action actually stops the host machine. To send a break to the test machine, type ~# in the tip window. Commands such as this are recognized only if they are the first characters on a line, so press the Return key or Control-U first if there is no effect.