Writing Device Drivers

Running add_drvadd_drv(1M)

Run add_drv(1M) to install the driver in the system. If the driver installs successfully, add_drv(1M) will run disks(1M), tapes(1M), ports(1M), and devlinks(1M) to create the logical names in /dev.

# add_drv xx

This is a simple case in which the device identifies itself as xx and the device special files will have default ownership and permissions (0600 root sys). add_drv(1M) also allows additional names for the device (aliases) to be specified. See add_drv(1M) to determine how to add aliases and set file permissions explicitly.

Note -

add_drv(1M) should not be run when installing a STREAMS module. See the STREAMS Programming Guide for details.