Solaris Advanced Installation Guide

Maybe You Don't Need to Install

If you are managing a large site of desktop systems running Solaris software, you may not need to install Solaris software on every system. Instead, you may want to turn your systems into SolsticeTM AutoClientTM systems or diskless clients. AutoClient systems and diskless clients do not have the Solaris software installed on their local disks; instead, the Solaris software is provided by an OS server.

AutoClient systems and diskless clients reduce the burden and cost of system administration by eliminating the work you do to configure and maintain your desktop systems, which includes installing the Solaris software. These systems help you centralize your administration. You can use the instructions in this book to install an OS server to provide Solaris software for AutoClient systems and diskless clients.

For more information about using these types of systems, refer to the Solstice AdminSuite Administration Guide.