Solaris Advanced Installation Guide

Appendix A Planning Disk Space

Before installing the Solaris software, you can determine if your system will have enough disk space by doing some high-level planning. If you take time to plan, you'll be able to add more disks to your system, if you need them, before you even start installing.

Basic Considerations for Disk Space Planning

Planning disk space is different for everyone; however, here are some basic considerations:

Software Group Space Recommendations

The following table lists the Solaris software groups and the recommended amount of disk space for each group.

 Software Group Recommended Space (32-Bit Support) Recommended Space (64-Bit Support)
 Entire Distribution Plus OEM 801 Mbytes 909 Mbytes
 Entire Distribution 787 Mbytes 895 Mbytes
 Developer System Support 716 Mbytes 837 Mbytes
 End User System Support 438 Mbytes 532 Mbytes

Note -

Swap space is already included in the disk space recommendations.