Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

Introduction to the AnswerBook2 Product

The AnswerBook2 product is the Sun online documentation system. It uses a web-browser interface that lets you view and print a variety of SolarisTM information, including SGML-based AnswerBookTM collections, Display PostScriptTM AnswerBook collections, and man pages.

The AnswerBook2 product provides a search engine that lets you find information throughout the documentation library. You can install document collections on a centralized documentation server or on a local server.

Note -

Throughout the AnswerBook2 documentation, the term AnswerBook1 refers to the version of the AnswerBook product provided with pre-2.6 versions of the Solaris operating environment.

AnswerBook2 Features and Functions

The AnswerBook2 product provides the following features and functions:

New AnswerBook2 Features for This Release

The following list identifies the new or substantially enhanced features provided in this release of the AnswerBook2 software.

Pieces and Parts

The AnswerBook2 product consists of the following elements:

Frequently Asked Questions

This section lists some common questions about the AnswerBook2 product along with answers to those questions.