Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

Hardware and Software Requirements

Before you start the installation process, verify that the systems on which you plan to install AnswerBook2 server software meet the hardware and software requirements listed in Table 8-2 and Table 8-3.

Table 8-2 Hardware and Software Requirements



Documentation server system hardware 

SPARCstationTM 2 computer or higher (SPARCstation 5 computer recommended)

Intel-based personal computer 

Operating environment 

Solaris 7 (for SPARC or x86, as appropriate) 

Admin GUI and AnswerBook2 client viewer 

Any HTML 3.2-compliant browser, such as Netscape Navigator, HotJava, or Lynx 

Table 8-3 Disk Space Requirements Table

Directory Path 




Contains executable files, server processing files, library files, and graphics and document source files for the product interface. 

26.0 Megabytes 


Contains catalog files and log files, if logging functions are enabled. 

5.0 Megabytes (recommended - grows as server is used) 


Server start-up file 

0.01 Megabytes 

In addition, you need to set aside some amount of disk space (600 Megabytes recommended) for the actual book files. The exact amount of space depends on the specific collections. For a list of collections available on the Solaris 7 Documentation CD, see the README file located on that CD.