Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

Name Services and AnswerBook2 Users

Rather than using the described name services to find a documentation server, the user can define a default AnswerBook2 server using the environment variable AB2_DEFAULTSERVER. For example, the user could have the following line in the .cshrc file:


If the user has not defined an environment variable, when the user launches the AnswerBook2 product from the desktop, the product looks to see if the system from which it was launched is running a documentation server. If so, it launches using the URL: http://localhost:port, where port defaults to 8888.

If the user has not defined an environment variable and the current system is not a documentation server, when the user launches AnswerBook2 from the desktop, the system performs an fnlookup thisorgunit/service/answerbook2 command to find out what documentation servers are available. It then chooses one of those servers and launches the AnswerBook2 browser using that server name for the URL.