Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

Do I Need to Install Anything?

The following table indicates what you need to do or install to provide specific AnswerBook2 functionality.

Table 8-1 When and What to Install
 If you want to do this... Then do this...
 View online documentation from your desktop (any platform, any operating environment).Start a web browser and enter the documentation server's URL (for example, http://imaserver:8888/). See "Launching the AnswerBook2 Viewer".
 Automatically launch a web browser with the appropriate server URL from your desktop.If you are running the Solaris 7 operating environment, identify a documentation server and select the AnswerBook2 option from the CDE Help menu or the OpenWindowsTM Programs menu. See "Launching the AnswerBook2 Viewer".
 Enable your system (machine) to deliver (serve) documentation.Install the documentation server software from the Solaris 7 Documentation CD. See "Installing Documentation Server Software".
 Add documentation from the Solaris 7 Documentation CD or other locations to your document server.The document administrator is the only user authorized to perform this function. See "To Install Document Collections Onto the Server".