Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

To Install the AnswerBook2 Server Software

To install documentation server software, you can use the point-and-click interface available from the Solaris Web StartTM utility, or you can use standard installation utilities, such as pkgadd .

  1. Insert the Solaris 7 Documentation CD into your CD-ROM drive.

    The Volume Manager should automatically mount the CD.

  2. If you choose to use the Solaris Web Start utility to install your products, double-click on the installer icon, follow the instructions on the Web Start screens, and go to Step 6.

    The Web Start utility provides pre-selected groups of packages for you to install. Follow the instructions on the Web Start screens to continue.

  3. If you choose to use the pkgadd utility or the swmtool utility, log in as superuser on the documentation server machine.

    For example, enter the following at the command line:

    % su -
  4. Change directory to the location of the documentation server packages.

    For example, you might enter a command similar to the following to go to the location of the server software packages for a SPARC server:

    # cd cdrom/Solaris_2.7_Doc/sparc/Product/

    Where cdrom is the mount-point for the CD-ROM device and defaults to: /cdrom/sol_2_7_doc

  5. Launch the installation utility and select the server software packages.

    For example, use the following command to launch the pkgadd utility:

    # pkgadd -d .

    Select these server software packages:

    • SUNWab2r (0.25 Megabytes) - Installs in root partition and provides configuration and start-up files.

    • SUNWab2s (1.00 Megabytes) - Provides shared files for performing document processing.

    • SUNWab2u (26.00 Megabytes) - Provides executable and back-end processing files for server and administration functions.

  6. Start up the server, if needed.

    Installing the packages should cause the server to start up on the default port of 8888. If it does not start, use the following command to start it:

    # /usr/lib/ab2/bin/ab2admin -o start

  7. Install the book collections.

    Your documentation server cannot do its job if no documents are installed for it to serve. You can install collections from the Solaris 7 Documentation CD or from other locations, such as existing document collections or collections that come on other CDs. For more information about installing document collections, see "To Install Document Collections Onto the Server".

  8. (Optional) Change configuration files and create links to run the documentation server as a CGI process on an existing httpd server.

    If you already run an httpd server on your system, yo u can run the documentation server as a CGI process on that server. You must ins tall the standard documentation server software, then change several configurati on files and create links to run the documentation server as a CGI process. For more information, see "Running the AnswerBook2 Server as a CGI Process".

  9. (Optional) Register the server.

    If you want other users to automatically find your documentation server through Federated Naming Service (FNS), you need to register the server. To register your server, use the following command:

    # /usr/lib/ab2/bin/ab2regsvr server_url

    Where server_url is the fully qualified URL to get to this server (for example: See "Registering the Server" for more information.