Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library


The AnswerBook2 online documentation system uses a web browser-based interface that enables you to view and print a variety of Solaris information, including existing AnswerBook documents and man pages. The following are new features for AnswerBook2.

Solaris Reference Manual (Man Pages) Available in AnswerBook2 Format

Man pages are available in AnswerBook2 (SGML), rather than AnswerBook1 format. This provides improvements in navigation and links to them directly from other AnswerBook2 documents.

Running an AnswerBook2 Server Directly from the Documentation CD

With the Documentation CD and root access to the system on which the CD is connected, the AnswerBook2 server can run directly from the CD using the ab2cd script.

For detailed information, see the Doc CD README file on the Documentation CD, Chapter 8, Accessing Online Documentation, or AnswerBook2 online Help.

Ability to Use CGI-based Web Servers

The AnswerBook2 server can run on top of an existing web server, such as Sun WebServer, rather than requiring an additional web server running on a system solely for AnswerBook2 support.

For detailed information about how to change servers, and some possible limitations, see Chapter 8, Accessing Online Documentation or the AnswerBook2 online Help.

Ability to Control Display of Stylesheet Errors

An environment variable, AB2_DEBUG, can be set on the AnswerBook2 server. This controls whether style sheet errors are displayed to the user with a red "BUG."

For detailed information on setting this variable, see the AnswerBook2 online Help.