Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Starting and Ending a Desktop Session

A desktop session starts when you log in. Session Manager is started after Login Manager authenticates your login and password.

Session Manager provides the ability to manage sessions--to remember the state of your most recent session and return you there the next time you log in.

Session Manager saves and restores:

To Log In to a Desktop Session

  1. Type your login name and press Return or click OK.

  2. Type your password and press Return or click OK.

    If Login Manager does not recognize your name or password, click Start Over and start the log in process over again.

    Once you've logged in, Session Manager starts a session:

    • If this is the first time you've logged in, you'll get a new session.

    • If you've logged in before, your previous session will be restored.

To Log Out

When you log out of a regular desktop session, Session Manager saves information about your current session so that it can be restored the next time you log in. Information about non-desktop applications may not be saved.

To Use a Session in a Different Language

  1. Choose Language from the Options menu on the login screen.

  2. Choose the language group that includes the language you need.

  3. Select a language.

  4. Log in.

    The default language for your system is set by your system administrator. The Options menu enables you to access other languages. Choosing a language in the Options menu sets the LANG environment variable for your session. The default language is restored at the end of the session.