Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Using Text Note

When you click the Text Note control on the Front Panel, Text Editor opens in note mode; this enables you to type some text and post it on the Workspace for fast retrieval. If you exit Text Editor while it is in note mode, the text note is saved in your home folder and displayed as an icon on the Workspace backdrop. You can reopen a text note by double-clicking its icon on the Workspace.

To Type a Text Note
  1. Click the Text Note control on the Front Panel.

    Text Editor is opens in note mode.

  2. Type your note.

  3. Choose Close from the File menu.

    The Save dialog box is displayed.

  4. Choose Yes to save changes.

    The text note is put on the Workspace.

To Put a Note on the Workspace

    Exit Text Editor while you are editing the text note, making sure you choose to save current changes if prompted by the Save dialog box.

    The note icon is displayed in the upper right corner of the workspace.

To Remove a Note from the Workspace

    Double-click the text note icon on the Workspace.

File Naming

Text notes are saved as files in your home directory using file names derived from the first twenty characters of the note. For example, if our fictional user Fred Jones had a note containing the text Reminder: Call John Smith about meeting, it would be saved in the file /home/fredj/Reminder: Call John .