Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Choosing Your Input Method and Keyboard

Each locale has a single default input method associated with it. If the user does nothing, this default is selected. Because there may be many input methods installed at any one time, the following sections explain how various input methods are selected on behalf of the user.

Using Input Method Modifiers

When there is more than one input method for a locale, use the XmNinputMethod resource to identify the one you would like used. This is done by specifying a modifier. The modifier must be of the following form, where modifier is the name used to uniquely identify the input method:

inputMethod :@im=modifier

The modifier string specified in the XmNinputMethod resource is used to choose which input method is used.

Alternatively, set the XMODIFIERS environment variable. The syntax is the same as for the XmNinputMethod resource, but values are not. Values for XMODIFIERS are vendor specific.

Specifying the Input Method Style

The input method style determines how pre-editing will occur. It is controlled by the XmNpreeditType resource. The syntax, possible values, and default value type of the XmNpreeditType resource are:



Possible values  

OverTheSpot, OffTheSpot, Root, None 

Default value 

OverTheSpot, OffTheSpot, Root 

The string list, separated by a comma, specifies the priority order for this resource. The first value supported by the input method is used.

For more information, see the Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide.

Changing the X Keyboard Map at the Server

If the keymaps currently used by the X server do not match the physical keyboard on the system, you can change them manually by using the xmodmap command or a vendor keyboard mapping utility. For information on the xmodmap command, type man xmodmap.