Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Create a Personal Alias Card

Creating a personal alias card has the same effect as adding an alias to Mailer's list of Aliases.

  1. Choose New from the Card menu.

    Address Manager displays a template for a new card in the scrolling pane.

  2. Delete all text in the template.

  3. Type one or more email addresses such as fredj@jupiter in the blank scrolling pane.

    Separate the addresses using commas.

  4. Choose Save as Mailer Alias from the Card menu.

    Address Manager displays the Save As dialog box.

  5. Type a name for the new card file and click Save.

    Any UNIX file name will suffice but it should contain the name of the person to whom the card relates. Address Manager saves the file under the file name specified in the Addresses folder.

  6. (Optional) To verify your new personal alias, restart Mailer and choose Aliases from the Options menu.

    Mailer displays the Mail Options dialog box, which contains your personal alias.

    You can also search for the alias in Address Manager with Personal Cards selected in the Search menu.

    Caution - Caution -

    After saving a personal mail alias, restart Mailer. If you make any changes to options in Mailer before restarting Mailer, your mail alias will be lost.