Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Select Multiple Files and Folders

Selecting multiple files is useful if you want to delete several files at once, or move a group of files to a new folder. Note that when you select more than one object, the Actions portion of the Selected menu will be empty.

When multiple icons are selected, dragging any one of the selected icons drags the whole group. The Selected menu and various menu commands that apply only to a single object are inactive.


    You can Drag the mouse from a blank area to draw a box around the icons you want to select, and then release the mouse button.

    You can then hold down the Control key and drag around additional icons.

    Or, Click mouse button 1 to select the first icon, then hold down the Control key and click mouse button 1 to select each additional icon.

    This method is useful when the icons you want to select are not located next to each other.

Tip -

If you have selected icons in File Manager, clicking or dragging anywhere in the File Manager scrolling pane will deselect those icons. However, if you hold down the Control button before clicking or dragging in the scrolling pane, your existing selections are retainer. This method is useful for making multiple selections.

Tip -

To deselect icons, hold the Control key down and highlight those icons again; this causes them to become unselected from the group.


  1. Select the first file or folder icon by pressing the Spacebar.

  2. For each additional icon you want to select, move the highlight to it, then press Control+Spacebar.