Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Open Help Manager

  1. Click the Help Manager control in the Front Panel (see Figure 3-2).

    A help window displays a list of help families with online help. This is the top level of Help Manager.

    Figure 3-10 Top-level view in Help Manager


  2. Scroll the window to find the product group you are interested in and click its title (underlined).

    This lists the help volumes available for that product.

  3. To open a particular help volume, click its title (underlined text).

  4. To return to the top level of Help Manager, click the Top Level button.

For example, to browse File Manager's online help:

  1. Click the Help Manager control.

  2. Choose Common Desktop Environment.

  3. Scroll the list of help volumes until you see File Manager Help.

  4. Click File Manager Help.

    File Manager's help is displayed. This is the same help information you would see if you opened File Manager and chose Overview from the Help menu.

    Figure 3-11 File Manager help viewed in Help Manager