Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Setting Up Thai Printing on a Dot Matrix Printer

This section assumes that your printer is registered in the WTT 2.0 standard listed in Appendix C, "Printer Brand, Model, and Code IDs" of Thai Language Supplement for Solaris 2.6: Release Overview.

If the system you are setting up uses printers that are registered in the WTT 2.0 standard, set them up using the instructions in the Setting Up User Accounts, Printers, and Mail manual of the SunOS 5.6 documentation.

Once your printer is set up, follow these steps to enable printing of Thai characters:

  1. Type cd /usr/lp/interfaces

  2. Edit the file named for the printer you just set up.

    Change to lp.filter in the following line:

    if [! -x "${LPCAT:=${LOCALPATH}/}"]
  3. Create a shell script in /usr/lib/lp/bin called lp.filter that pipes printer jobs through

    The lp.filter program should have the syntax given below. See the thaifilter(1) man page in Appendix D, "Manual Pages", of the Thai Language Supplement for Solaris 2.6: Release Overview for the syntax of the thai_filter_command.

    thai_filter_command |