Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Change the Character Set of an Outgoing Message

If you need to send an email message to a machine that uses a different encoding from the one for your machine, you can convert its text to your recipient's encoding.

  1. After typing your message in the Compose window, choose Change Char Set from the Format menu or press Control+Y, the keyboard accelerator.

    Mailer displays the name of a character set (for example, ISO-2022-JP) in the footer of the Compose window.

  2. Choose the Change Char Set menu item or press Control+Y again to cycle through the choices until the correct one is displayed.

    Selecting Default Char Set means that your message is sent in the default encoding for your machine.

    The display of the message in your Compose window does not change; however, Mailer delivers it in the selected character set when you click Send.

    Note -

    Mailer converts only the text of the outgoing message, not its header or attachments.