Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Overcome Color Flashing

If you have closed all other graphics-intensive applications and your application is still experiencing color flashing, the following procedure may help eliminate the problem.

  1. Open Style Manager.

  2. Click Color.

    The Color dialog box is displayed.

  3. Click Number of Colors.

    The Number of Colors To Use dialog box (see Figure 7-3) is displayed.

  4. Select Most Colors For Applications and click OK.

  5. Click Desktop background and choose a simple workspace background such as Gray Lt.

  6. Make this session your home session by following the procedure in"To Set a Home Sessionkayak".

  7. Exit Style Manager and logout of CDE.

  8. Login to CDE and re-open the application that previously experienced color flashing.

    If the application no longer experiences color flashing, make a note of the current Style Manager settings; if it is still experiencing color flashing, the application has probably specified a list of colormaps to be installed, CDE is only installing the first colormap in this list, so you will need to cycle through the colormaps as explained in the following steps.

  9. Use the following special keyboard keys to cycle through the colormaps.

    Control-L2 (or Control-Again) 

    Steps forward through the colormaps 

    Control-L4 (or Control-Undo) 

    Steps backward through the colormaps 

    Cycling through the colormaps may end up installing the correct colormap, and will not affect the other windows on the desktop in any way. If you continue to experience colormap flashing, have your system administrator seek further information on SunSolveSM.

Running OpenWindows Applications

During startup, dtsession will set *foreground, *background and other OpenWindows global color resources so that OpenWindows applications will be in the same color scheme as CDE applications. You can still control the appearance of their applications by setting application-specific resources; alternatively,, change the palette in Style Manager and restart the OpenWindows application.