Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Installing Packages for Diskless Clients and AutoClient Systems on a Server

This section describes how to install packages for a client system that places files in the root (/) file system. Note that packages that do not place files in root (/) can be made available to client systems by installing the package on the server with the pkgadd command--these packages are then made available when the file systems are mounted by the client systems.

Packages that are not part of the Solaris operating environment (unbundled software packages) should be installed into /opt. However, some packages, such as a package containing a device driver, must be installed into root (/) or /usr.

Use the pkgadd command on a server to install software for the use of client systems. Software installed for the use of client systems is installed in the client system's root (/) file system, not the server's root (/) file system. A diskless client's and AutoClient system's root (/) file system is located on the server, in the directory /export/root/client.

Files installed in the client system's root (/) file system appear in the client system's software database as installed. Files that the client expects to find in its /usr file system are shown as shared in the client system's database. The shared files must be installed on the server with a separate invocation of the pkgadd command.