Application Packaging Developer's Guide

How to Remove a Package From a Diskless or AutoClient System

  1. Log in to the server and become superuser.

  2. Remove a software package from a client system's server with the pkgrm -R command.

    server# pkgrm -R rootpath pkg-abbrev...

    -R rootpath

    Specifies the mount point of the client's root file system. 


    Is the name of one or more packages (separated by spaces) to be removed. If omitted, pkgrm removes all available packages.

    Files in the client system's package database that are marked shared are not removed from the server, but are removed from the client system's database. If all client systems have removed the package, you can remove the shared files from the server using a separate invocation of pkgrm on the server.

  3. Verify that the package has successfully been removed, use the pkginfo command.

    server$ pkginfo -R rootpath | egrep pkg-abbrev

    If pkg-abbrev is installed, the pkginfo command returns a line of information about it. Otherwise, pkginfo returns the system prompt.

Where to Go Next

If you are ready to go to the next task, see "How to Transfer Your Package to a Distribution Medium".

Example--Removing a Diskless Client's Package

In the following example, assume the client system's root file system is shared. Also, assume these commands are executed on the client system's server.

server# pkgrm -R /export/root/client-1 SUNWaudio
The following package is currently installed.
Do you want to remove this package? y/n/q?