Binary Compatibility Guide


The SunOS 5.x operating system is based on AT&T's System V Release 4.0 (SVR4), and therefore is not binary compatible with SunOS 4.x releases. This means that SunOS 4.x programs and applications based on those releases will not execute correctly when run directly on this release.

The SunOS and OpenWindows Binary Compatibility Packages allow SunOS 4.x based applications to run on the Solaris 2.x release, making them available for use before they are fully ported to this new release. Using these packages, well-behaved application binaries based on the SunOS 4.x release will run on this release without modifications or recompilation. These packages are provided as an aid in the transition to the Solaris 2.x release, and not as a substitute for porting applications to this operating system.

Scope of this Manual

In the context of this guide, "SunOS 4.x" is a universal term that includes these releases:

Who Should Use This Book

This guide is intended for application writers who want to ensure that their SunOS 4.x applications will execute easily on the Solaris 2.x release. It describes the binary compatibility package, what it does and does not handle, and how to install and use it. It also discusses specific areas to consider in developing an application or in evaluating how easily an existing SunOS 4.x application will execute on this release. Most importantly, this guide describes restrictions on this package; that is, areas where binary compatibility is not available.

A complete discussion of general compatibility issues can be found in the Solaris Transition Guide.

How This Book Is Organized

This book is organized into three areas:

Chapter 1, Introducing the Binary Compatibility Packages, describes how to install these packages, and how to use them.

Chapter 2, Binary Compatibility , explains what the SunOS Binary Compatibility Package provides for your applications at the system interface level. This chapter also explains areas where binary compatibility is not available.

Chapter 3, Window System Compatibility , provides details on window system compatibility. This chapter discusses the binary compatibility available for the various window managers and toolkits available in the SunOS 4.x release.

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