Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

A Help Volume at a Glance

The following markup illustrates important elements of a help volume and the tags used to enter them. This example uses shorthand markup, which omits intermediate SGML structural tags and minimizes the number of required end tags. Indentation is used to highlight the hierarchical relationship of the elements; you don't need to indent the help files that you write.

All entity declarations go here (before any other markup).
          <title>  Volume Title
          Copyright topic goes here ...
           The abstract describing your help volume goes here.
                             There may be other meta information topics.
      <hometopic>  Home Topic Title
                     Help volume introduction  goes here ...
           <s1>  Title of First Topic Goes Here
                   Body of the first topic goes here ...
           <s1>  Title of Second Topic
                   Body of the second topic goes here ...
                   <s2>  Title of Suptopic
                          Body of the subtopic goes here ...
      The body of the glossary, which contains term definitions, goes here ...