Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Generating a Browser Help Volume (dthelpgen)

The dthelpgen utility creates a special help volume that enables users to display help volumes registered on their system using the Front Panel Help Viewer. When a user initially clicks the Help Viewer control in the Front Panel, dthelpgen is run automatically. It locates help family files by searching the help search path directories (local or networked), and then creates a browser volume (browser.hv) in the user's HomeDirectory/.dt/help/$DTUSERSESSION directory. Once built, the volume is updated in response to any of these actions:

Command Syntax

dthelpgen -dir [options]



Specifies the directory in which to place the browser volume and intermediate files. This is a required parameter.



Specifies that a new browser help volume should be created even if the family files and help volumes on the system have not been modified.

-file basename

Specifies the name of the help volume and any intermediate files generated by dthelpgen. The default name is browser.hv.


Specifies which language directories to search for help families and help volumes. If the -lang option is set, it takes precedence over the current value of the LANG environment variable.

Note -

If you run dthelpgen while the browser volume is displayed in a help window, you should close the window, then reopen the browser volume.

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