Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Standard Xt Paradigm

In terms of programming, you interact with the help dialogs the same as you do with any other OSF/Motif widgets in your applications. The two types of help dialog boxes are defined as two new widget classes: DtHelpDialog and DtHelpQuickDialog.

Nearly every attribute of the help windows--including the volume name and topic ID--are manipulated as widget resources. For instance, to display a new topic, you just execute an XtSetValues() call to set the DtNhelpVolume, DtNlocationId, and DtNhelpType resources. For more information, refer to "Displaying Help Topics".

Note -

Integrating the Help System into an application requires a working knowledge of the C programming language, the OSF/Motif programmer's toolkit, and the Xt Intrinsics toolkit.